Sinman Dance Company

May 4, 2016
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This May and June Equator Festival are proud to present Far Eastern Feast.

These events are taking place exclusively in Kent at the Centrepiece Church (May 21), The Stag (June 11) and the Horsebridge Centre (June 18).  The feast is made up of a variety of workshops and an amazing performance by the Sinman Dance Company.

We spoke to Sinman Dance Company and they told us what to expect from the Feasts!

Tell us about your performance?
This will be a display of traditional Chinese music and dance. We will introduce you different tribes from China through our music and dance.

Describe your performance in 3 words
Colorful; Joyful; enjoyable

How long have you been dancing?  How do you feel when you dance?
I have been dancing since I was little. And I have been professional artist for over 25 years. Dance always gives me full enjoyment while I am doing it, and the satisfaction afterward.

Your running a variety of workshops including calligraphy, dance and opera mask painting, can anyone take part?
Absolutely, the workshops are open to everyone.

How difficult is calligraphy difficult to learn?  Did it take you long to learn?
It’s not difficult to learn calligraphy, but it’s very hard to do it well. It’s combination of posture, balance and patient. I practiced my calligraphy throughout my primary and secondary education.

What can people expect from the face painting?
It’s Peking opera face painting. Each face represents different character in the play. The look of the face paint are very unfamiliar to most non Chinese audiences, may even find strange at first. We will try to explain and bring you into  Chinese opera world.

Why do think it’s important to promote Chinese dance and culture in the UK?
Promoting Chinese culture in the UK will bring more appreciation and acceptance toward Chinese arts and people. Creating harmony among us.

You can purchase tickets for the event using the links below:

May 21st – Centrepiece Church

June 11th – The Stag

June 18th – Horsebridge Centre