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Diversity Arts Network – April 2020 @ The Brook Theatre
Apr 20 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Diversity Arts Network - April 2020 @ The Brook Theatre
Calling all local creatives, performers, producers, artists, designers, writers, arts organisations, diverse community groups, museums and libraries.

The Diversity Arts Network is seeking to develop 3-4 new projects and commissions using local artists, arts organisations and venues in partnership with DAN consortium members.

DAN has been awarded funds from the Arts Council to develop its membership consortium in the South East. As part of this we will be undertaking a mapping of all local organisations and artists including arts and community organisations, museums, libraries and any other relevant networks. We will be gathering information on projects that members have been involved in that link to the diverse sector and the challenges that they have faced.

  • DAN will share learning from this research, and explore opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with NPOs and non NPOs locally, nationally or both.
  • Conclusions from the research will form the basis of a future local strategy that will result in more consistent and dynamic programming, partnerships and collaborations of diverse artists and arts/cultural organisations.
  • Overall the data will provide the Network with a valuable resource and recognised position in the locality as a body taking a central role in contributing to the Creative Case.
  • This data collected will include information on venues, performances spaces and promotors/bookers across the region with potential to work with, support and programme artists from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • The mapping will be used to more accurately access the art-form types and ranges of experience of diverse artists and arts/cultural organisations in the region.
World in a Tent @ Ashford
Jul 4 all-day
World in a Tent @ Ashford

A pop-up exhibition tent of Nepalese history and heritage Nepalese dance and music traditions are ancient and unique. They have developed over centuries and
are linked to life’s events such as sowing, harvest, love and marriage.

  • Dance Workshops
  • Music Workshops
  • Storytelling

More details to follow.