Dances of Kali: Event FAQs

March 2, 2017
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Equator WOW presents Kali featuring classical and contemporary Indian dance with virtuoso dancers Arunima Kumar and Ash Mukherjee. The show is themed around the power of women and Indian Goddesses in Indian mythology especially the Goddess Kali. Before the main performance there will be a 30 minute Indian dance workshop.

Sunley Gallery

Where is the workshop and performance taking place?

They are both happening in the same venue, the Sunley Gallery at the Turners Contemporary in Margate. Currently in the Sunley Theatre is The Studio Group Commission: Khasif Nadim Chaudry.

How do I get to Turner Contemporary Margate?

The Turner Contemporary website has loads of details about how to get there and accessibility click here.

What time is the workshop?

The workshop begins at 3.30pm and will last about 30 minutes.

What time will the performance start?

The performance will start immediately after the workshop at 4pm.

Does it cost anything to attend the event or workshop?

Nope, both events are free to attend and you don’t need to register in advance ,just turn up.

Do I need to bring anything for the workshop?

No, just yourself and you can wear anything you want, but you may want a bottle of water as you will be dancing.

Can I take photos of the workshop and performance?

Absolutely, and feel free to post them on twitter (@EquatorFestival) and Facebook (

Can I join in if I’m late to the workshop?

Yes, the more the merrier.

Are there any age restrictions?

The event is open to all, but we ask that children under 11 are accompanied by an adult.

Who is performing?

There are 2 amazing dancers Arunima Kumar and Ash Mukherjee. You can read profiles on Arunima and Ash on the news section of this website.