Meet the Artist: Tsungai Tsikirai

September 1, 2018
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Tsungai Tsikirai is performing at part of WOW 2018 on Saturday 22nd September.  Tickets available through the Kings Place website.

Tsungai Tsikirai is an award winning singer-songwriter and dancer, born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and based in the United Kingdom. From lively African traditional to soul and ballads, her performances unite the power of the voice with colour, rhythm and movement.

She began performing at the age of 15 in her high school drama club, Iyasa Performing Arts Group, which grew to international fame. Tsungai toured with the company locally in Zimbabwe to begin with, but later took their performances to South Africa, Botswana and the USA.

Tsungai was soon scouted by Zimbabwean musician, Albert Nyathi, who she performed widely with, before going on to work with other renowned local Zimbabwean artists like the late Andy Brown and Nicholas Moyo of the arts council, who also provided mentoring and support

In 2002, Tsungai relocated to the United Kingdom where she continued to perform.  She collaborated with performing arts company Siyaya and featured on their album, Futhi Njalo, and performed with them at Glastonbury in 2010. Tsungai was also a part of the UK gospel group Free to Worship, who she toured the USA with in 2014. She has also worked with Sheffield based choir, Sosa-Xa, being involved in their BBC Last Choir Standing workshops, and she also worked and toured with Tavaziva dance company, led by Bawren Tavaziva.

In 2011, Tsungai partnered with other artists from southern Africa and formed a performing arts group, Flame Lily Arts.

In 2014 she was awarded Best Music Female Artist 2014 at the ZIMMA Awards, and in 2015 Mporiro Festival awarded Tsungai for her contribution to contemporary music.

Tsungai launched her debut album, Rova Ngoma, at The Breaking Boundaries Concert in 2015, which was aimed at promoting cultural diversity, empowering women through arts and community development.

Most recently, she has featured at The British Museum’s Faiths In Tune Festival, ZimFest Live and Nottinghill Carnival.

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